The One Pro


Il futuro degli abbattitori oggi

The state-of-the-art.

Innovative technology cased in an elegant, clean-cut design. This combination identifies THE ONE blast chiller-shock freezer as state-of-the-art in terms of both its aesthetics and its functions.

Professionaly sized

All five versions of The One are equipped with heated multipoint core probe, to precisely control product internal temperature.
the one block

One product five functions for H24 operation.

Heating and chilling enclosed in a single instrument that incorporates 5 essential functions: positive blast chilling, negative blast chilling, thawing, retarding and slow cooking.

È facile lavorare con The ONE.

Grazie alle 300 modalità e procedure precaricate, è subito possibile sfruttare a pieno le potenzialità di THE ONE. È inoltre possibile modificarle o personalizzarle, oppure crearne di nuove secondo le proprie esigenze. A ognuno il proprio THE ONE.


Positive blast chilling allows preparing to be planned in advance, productivity to be increased, flavour, colour, aroma and weight to be maintained unaltered and the risks of food poisoning and waste to be eliminated.


Negative blast chilling guarantees longer storage of products, preserving their consistency, structure and density throughout the year. This enables purchases to be programmed more efficiently in total safety, also in terms of hygiene.


Thawing, when carried out in a controlled environment and using the appropriate method maintains the appearance of food unaltered and preserves in particular its organoleptic qualities and properties.


The flexibility provided by retarding allows for a more efficient organisation of processes, greater flexibility during the production stage and preparation programming in advance, leading to improved working hours and a reduction in operating costs.


Slow cooking guarantees improved softness and succulence of the product and enables kitchen activities to be optimised through the complete use of all appliances, resulting in a faster and more efficient service and reduction in waste.

Semplice, intuitivo, autoesplicativo.

Il nuovo display touchscreen da 7” rende semplice, intuitiva e autoesplicativa ogni operazione. Le 5 funzioni sono subito visualizzate e riconoscibili sul display: a ogni selezione si avvia un processo senza bisogno di ulteriori regolazioni o interventi. Tutto ciò che veramente ti serve a portata di dito.

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